Teradata 14

Teradata 14 Bridge from Teradata 12

About the exam

Covers the Features and Functionality of the Teradata Database 13.0, 13.10, and 14.0 (including SLES 11)

This exam allows eligible Teradata 12 certified candidates to “bridge” from Teradata 12 to Teradata 14 and continue to pursue their preferred job role or master’s certification on the Teradata 14 Certification track. Candidates, in good standing, who qualify for this exam, may bypass all Baseline Exams (TE0-141, 142 and 143) and take one (bridge) exam.


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Minimum of one-year hands-on experience with Teradata databases and applications is recommended.


Successful completion of this exam will earn you a Teradata 14 Certified Technical Specialist Certification with a digital badge.


The cost of Teradata exams varies by exam, location, and currency. Please visit home.pearsonvue.com/teradata to find the price of an exam. Teradata Employees can visit the Teradata Certification Connections Group to obtain an employee voucher. You must be behind the Teradata firewall to access this page.


This exam is 2.5 hours in length.


Eligibility is required.  Only Teradata 12 Certified Technical Specialist, Database Administrator, Solutions Developer, Enterprise Architect, or Master Certification holders can take this exam.

The Teradata 14 Bridge from Teradata 12 Exam (TE0-14B) is a restricted access exam that requires an eligibility voucher that must be provided during the registration process.  Download the eligibility voucher from the Teradata Certification Tracking System and then register at Pearson VUE using both the eligibility voucher and credit card to pay the exam fee.

For more details regarding specific exam objectives, download this PDF.

See objectives from exams TE0-141, 142, and 143 for more details.
Data Warehouse Architectures, Teradata RDBMS Components and Architecture
Database Managed Storage, Data Access Methods
Teradata Tools and Utilities, Security and Privacy
Basic Teradata Extensions, Data Definition Language (DDL) (Non-temporal), Data Manipulation Language (DML) (Non-temporal)
Views and Macros (Non-temporal), Subqueries and Correlated Subqueries, Joins (Non-temporal)
Attribute and String Functions, Time/Date/Timestamp/Intervals (ANSI vs. TERADATA) (Non-temporal), Temporal Concepts
Physical Database Design Overview, Physical Database Operations, Teradata Query Analysis
Table Attributes, Column Attributes
Primary Indexes, Secondary Indexes
Table Partitioning
Temporal Design Considerations


The Teradata Certified Professional Program partners with the Teradata Education Network to provide Teradata courseware and curriculum that specifically relates to each certification level. You can view course descriptions and schedules, and enroll online. Several courses are offered as web-based training (WBT) courseware for your convenience.
Teradata Warehouse Differences: 13.0, 13.10, and 14.0 (including SLES 11)
See also individual courses recommended for TE0-141, TE0-142, and TE0-143 as additional options.


Teradata has created sample questions, that are freely available, to help you prepare for the exam. These sample questions are not intended to duplicate exam questions and are provided for guidance only.

Access Teradata 14 Sample Questions


Visit the Teradata internal TCPP Connections site for more information on recommended Teradata training. You must be behind the Teradata firewall to access this page.


Documentation: Search and access Teradata installation, programming, operations and service guides, and reference manuals.

Software Downloads: are available through Teradata Developers Exchange to help you prepare through hands on application.


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