On-Premise Deployment
dns On-premises deployment

Achieve maximum control, security, and flexibility over your data

Drive your on-premises enterprise data management and advanced analytics strategy with options including new, fully integrated solutions powered by Dell Technologies.

On-premises deployment options

Choose the best solution for your business goals

The best choice for any one workload or organization is often based on multiple considerations, such as strategy, timing, price, and competing priorities. Empower your on-premises data and analytics strategy with a Teradata VantageCore solution.

When to use an on-premises deployment

Improve performance, security, and TCO

If your business requires high-performance processing, has strict data security and privacy requirements, and significant workload requirements, Teradata has a fully customizable on-premises solution to fit your needs. For example, Teradata workloads that deal with sensitive financial or healthcare data may require an on-premises or private cloud deployment to ensure maximum control over data and compliance with regulations. Discover the many ways you can use Teradata to meet your specific business demands.

Use Cases Financial Services

Financial services

Centrally manage and monitor the entire system to quickly identify and resolve potential issues and ensure business continuity.

Use Cases Healthcare


Provide massively parallel processing (MPP) for production use cases where scalability is mission critical.


Maximum performance

Achieve faster query responses with industry-leading workload management.


Enhanced support

Get the industry’s best maintenance and support with unmatched protection for business-critical environments.


Improved ROI

Accelerate time to value with use cases to support all analytic workloads.

Use Cases Key Considerations

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