Our story

For billions of people around the globe, Teradata is improving everyday lives by managing trillions of digital interactions — each one a data point to better inform or an insight to empower more confident decisions.

Businesses use Teradata to deliver rapid innovation, scale operational efficiency, reduce friction in supply chains, and protect the enterprise’s most valuable information — all with the goal of creating amazing and impactful customer experiences to thrive and grow.

Our purpose

Together, we’ll build a better future for all

For every decision a company makes, it has the opportunity to elevate human potential. We inspire the confidence for people to make the right business decisions, positively impacting lives every day.

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Be ready

We empower companies to quickly seize on new opportunities and evolving customer needs by providing unparalleled data accuracy, agility, and speed.

Make breakthrough decisions

Faster innovation relies on confident decision-making. Our scalable enterprise AI and ML solutions enable game-changing predictive insights to help clients shape the market and outpace the competition.

Drive positive impact

Our deep expertise across a wide range of industries enables companies to create results that help customers thrive—from FedEx delivering COVID-19 vaccines to American Airlines getting people home safe.

Our principles

Top companies trust Teradata


Join us in solving today’s challenges and reimagining tomorrow’s world

Teradata is a diverse, vibrant community committed to the belief that data can transform the way businesses work and people live. Come join us.