I need an introduction to Teradata Certification

What is Teradata Certification?

Teradata Certification offers certification exams covering the features and functionality of Teradata Vantage, including the Advanced SQL, Machine Learning and Graph Engines. Certifications are designed for all audiences and offer a range of levels—from the novice to those with extensive knowledge and expertise.

Value of Certification

Teradata certifications maximize your competitive advantage, demonstrating your dedication and growth to your career. Your certification and digital badging showcases your achievements.

Better jobs

Teradata certification provides a record of knowledge, understanding and expertise — all things hiring managers and recruiters look for in a potential candidate.

Salary increases

Teradata certification adds value to your career — at any stage! Being certified gives you a tangible track record of your skill progression to help you advocate for that promotion.


Certification also provides instant credibility. Displaying the emblem in your email signature or on your LinkedIn profile gives you respect from industry peers and superiors alike.

Available tracks

Teradata Certification offers 2 Vantage certification tracks. Follow these tracks if you are seeking certification for the most current Advanced SQL, Machine Learning and Graph Engine release. The most current track is the Vantage 2 track. If you're certified in Teradata 14, you are able to bypass one or more exams in the Vantage 1 track. 

Before you begin

Here are a few quick links to make your
registration and certification process simpler. Any time you need help, feel free to contact us.

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I am ready to take an exam

Exam Options

Teradata currently offers Vantage certifications. Click the appropriate links to learn more about exams, access training material, and register.

Exam discount

Discounts offered for SELECT Teradata partners when purchasing exam vouchers in BULK (10 or more). Click HERE for more info!

Schedule an Exam

Candidates are able to register and take ALL Vantage exams either in a Pearson Vue test center or remotely, at their home or office. FAQs and additional information on this option is available.

Master Certification

Master Certification is the ultimate Teradata Certification achievement! 

What happens after the exam

Exam history and certifications

Your certification credentials can be downloaded after completing the criteria for achieving a certification. Within three weeks of your exam, you will receive an automated email notification that your Notice of Exam Results is available.

Visit the Teradata Certification Tracking System to view your:

Exam history

Need verification of all exams taken? Visit the Teradata Certification Tracking System and enter your email address.

Exam results

Within three weeks of your exam, you will receive an automated email notification that your Notice of Exam Results is available.

Certification history

Review your entire certification history in the system. 

Create a transcript

Easily create a transcript of completed exams and certification achievements to provide to employers and third-party screeners.

Digital Badging

Digital badges are a web-enabled representation of your credential that can be easily shared securely across the web; embedded in email signatures, electronic resumes, and business cards; and linked to social media platforms. 

Candidates who hold any certification in the Teradata 12, Teradata 14, and Vantage tracks will earn digital badges of recognition for successfully earning those certifications.

Manage account

Have you changed jobs? Received a new certification? Log in to keep your account details up to date. All Teradata Certification candidates have access to the Tracking System.

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