Environmental Industry Involvement

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

For the fifth consecutive year, Teradata was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index for the Software and Services industry. The DJSI assessment is based on in-depth analysis of financially material economic, environmental, and social practices, with a focus on industry-specific risks and opportunities. Teradata’s sustainability strategy addresses both its internal operations and its products, working to deliver analytic platform solutions that are energy-efficient, Teradata’s product design innovations have increased power efficiency, improved performance-per-watt and reduced cooling requirements in data center environments. Teradata also conserves resources in the way its products are packaged and shipped.


We are a committee member of the Technical Committee of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). ASHRAE is recognized across the data-com industry as the unbiased engineering leader in HVAC and an effective provider of technical information.

Information Technology Industry Council

 INCITS is the primary U.S. focus of standardization in the field of Information and Communications Technologies, encompassing storage, processing, transfer, display, management, organization and retrieval of information. INCITS also serves as ANSI's Technical Advisory Group for ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee, which is responsible for international standardization in the field of information technology.

Teradata considers Information Technology Industry Council membership essential to our EMI compliance program and potentially to the product safety and environment aspects of Teradata hardware products.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Teradata is a responding company to the Carbon Disclosure Project, an organization that works with shareholders and corporations to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions of major corporations.