Corporate Governance

Teradata's Board of Directors is elected by the stockholders to govern the affairs of the Company. The board selects the senior management team, which is charged with the conduct of the Company's business. Having selected the senior management team, the Board acts as an advisor to senior management and monitors its performance. It reviews our business intelligence strategies, financial objectives and operating plans. The board also plans for management succession of the Chief Executive Officer, as well as other senior management positions, and oversees the Company's compliance efforts.

To help discharge its responsibilities, the Teradata Board of Directors has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines on significant corporate governance issues for our business intelligence company. These guidelines address such matters as director independence, committee membership and structure, meetings and executive sessions, director selection, retirement and training, among other things. The board meets regularly in executive session. Stockholders wishing to communicate with the Audit Committee Chair or any of the Company's other non-employee directors may do so by contacting Teradata's Corporate Secretary at 17095 Via Del Campo, San Diego, California 92127. The Corporate Secretary will forward any communications as directed by the stockholder.