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Data-driven decisions for Financial Services

Keep up with surging demand and evolving regulations with a new approach to data and analytics.

Use cases

Collect, analyze, and utilize data to stay two steps ahead

Businesses across the financial sector are shifting from delivering generalized products to tailored services. Add in regulation and compliance mandates, trends toward open and collaborative banking, and ever-growing security concerns, and a new approach to data and analytics becomes essential. That’s where we come in.

Use data-led listening to make hyperpersonalized recommendations that can lower customer churn and increase revenue.

Increase agility and innovation at scale while driving data monetization through open banking and accessible APIs.

Activate automated decisioning and detect potential fraud for monumental cost savings.

Create an enterprise-wide integrated platform and enable “pull” frameworks with regulators.

Why Teradata

Built for modern financial services

Delivering harmonized data and trusted AI/ML for all

Elevate customer experiences and drive profitable growth with Teradata VantageCloud. Our complete cloud analytics and data platform enables your team to implement a modern data strategy that can truly unify your financial services business across departments and regions.

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