Why sustainability is a data challenge and how Teradata Carbon Footprint Analytics accelerator helps

As the Australian Public Service commits to Net Zero by 2030 and as most Australian businesses work towards Net Zero by 2050, executives are challenged to not only provide their organizations better measures of their material Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions, but also to find significant scope for reduction. 

Emissions reporting for most organizations currently looks like this: siloed data, aggregated, relying on manual effort with infrequent refresh. 

To aggressively achieve reduction targets, we are challenged to shift our mindset from reporting to analytics: integrated, granular, near real-time operationalized decision-making. Transforming a business requires visibility - as management guru Peter Ducker once said: "Only what gets measured gets managed!"

Meet Nadine Anouti and Gregory Leduc, Teradata's sustainability experts joining us live from EMEA, and learn how Teradata's Carbon Footprint Analytics Solution Accelerator can help you accelerate your sustainability journey by enabling embedded and automated sustainability decision making into your day-to-day operations. 

This half-hour session will answer why sustainability is a data challenge and cover commonly asked questions whether you are or work for your organization's Chief Sustainability / Strategy / Legal / Risk / Financial Officers, Head of Supply Chain, Head of ESG. 

Nadine and Gregory will do so while presenting Teradata's Carbon Footprint Analytics Accelerator covering:

  • challenges including data integration, complexity, speed, and granularity
  • solution architecture and components
  • data sources and model
  • differentiators and insights
  • demo of Carbon Footprint Analytics Accelerator
  • path to value: Teradata's timeboxed methodology delivering value within weeks

Watch it on-demand now!

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