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Connected cloud data platform enables Credit Saison’s customers to lead prosperous lives.

To be a leader in the digital age demands organizations to continually innovate to exceed customer expectations by providing emotional experiences through digital technology. Companies that get it right will transform to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Credit Saison is a major Japanese financial institution providing credit cards and other payment services, as well as in the processing business. In Japan, Credit Saison offers house cards such as Saison Card and Saison American Express Card as well as co-branded cards for retailers, airlines, and consumer electronics stores. The company continues to provide optimal solutions to all types of individual and corporate customers in a variety of fields that go beyond financial services.

With more than 40 years of expertise in the card business and a customer base of approximately 36 million, Credit Saison uses its greatest strengths to deliver innovative products and services with a wide range of partners. Using those strengths, Credit Saison supports the safe and prosperous lives of people by ensuring its customers make payments totaling 7.2 trillion yen annually.

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Credit Saison Digital Transformation: CSDX

Financial institutions are expected to have absolute stability. However, if they seek too much stability, they will not be able to take on the challenges needed to maintain relevance or stave off new market entrants. In financial services, systems are the foundation of the business. Without proactively using FinTech, financial institutions will not be able to stay ahead of the competitive landscape. That is why Credit Saison has formulated the CSDX VISON to promote its digital experience (DX). The two main pillars of this plan are a Bimodal Strategy and DX for CX and EX, short for Digital Transformation for Customer Experience and Employee Experience. The manner in which Credit Saison’s employees are treated from the top all the way to the front line will drive how it treats its customers.

Bimodal Strategy

Bimodal is a concept proposed by Gartner. Credit Saison aims to combine Mode 1, which emphasizes the stability required of a financial institution, with Mode 2, which requires speed and flexibility, and to make maximum use of leading-edge technologies while integrating them with excellent existing technologies. This includes the selection of IT technologies as well as the hiring and training of human resources to master them.

“The key to our bimodal strategy is a stable digital foundation and a flexible data-enabled environment that can adapt to change. We rely on Teradata’s platform and services because they offer both stability and flexibility,” said Kazutoshi Ono, Director/Senior Executive Officer, CTO/CIO, Credit Saison Co.

DX for CX and EX

Credit Saison is implementing Digital Transformation (DX) efforts in order to improve CX (Customer Experience) and EX (Employee Experience). To ensure DX technologies contribute towards its CX and EX goals, it’s essential for customers and employees in the field to utilize data. Credit Saison’s goal is to use data to understand customers and operations more accurately, continue to provide new “emotional” experiences to customers, and streamline operational efficiency. To do this, Credit Saison is developing digital talent and democratizing data and analytics.

“Teradata's products are superior to the competition because of their strength on the front-end as an access platform and their user experience (UX). You don't have to be a data expert to access and use data,” continued Kazutoshi.

Teradata Vantage on AWS is the connected, multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics.

Strengthening its digital infrastructure is a major pillar of Credit Saison's efforts to support CSDX. While identifying a data platform to support Credit Saison’s digital transformation, Teradata Vantage on AWS was selected as it is enterprise-ready data platform software that many of the world’s largest financial institutions already rely upon. As the connected multi-cloud data platform, Teradata Vantage eliminates data silos and enables highly performant processing of a wide variety of high-volume transactions. Vantage’s linearly scalability and workload management delivers unparalleled cost-per-query performance.

“Members from startups tend to want to use what's latest and popular among technologists. But in the end, we chose Teradata Vantage because of its reliability, impressive customer base, and track record supporting global financial institutions—combined with its speed and agility.” Kazutoshi explained.

Cloud migration modernizes Credit Saison’s data and analytics.

Credit Saison has set a very ambitious goal for a financial institution: to migrate 80% of all systems, including the core system, to the cloud by 2025. The systems for newly launched services are also moving forward in a cloud-first manner, and Teradata will provide solutions that can be used reliably in the cloud as a cloud data platform to achieve system integration, improved data freshness, and real-time data understanding during data utilization.

“The partnership with Teradata will become even more important as we continue on our cloud journey.”

“Not only is Teradata more reliable than other technologies, but it’s also more flexible and advanced in the cloud. We have migrated from on-prem into the cloud with Vantage on AWS, deeming it as a low risk and fastest path to cloud,” concluded Kazutoshi.


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