Trendbook Smarter Analytics – Creating Added Value from Data

A Trendbook by Deutsche Telekom AG

Every business today is data-driven. But data alone does not generate value – insights and actions must first be derived from it. In fact, a large proportion of company data is not adequately analyzed today, because there is a lack of understanding of the benefits of data analytics.

E-Commerce companies on the other hand show us how to work with data. Analyzing all available data allows them to react quickly to market developments. Evidence-based decisions based on behavioral observations are a matter of course. The reason: these companies have a data culture. They have a deep understanding of the benefits of data – at the top and among all employees. But how do they leverage all existing data across the enterprise for value creation?

This leads to a number of requirements for companies, which are described in this "Trendbook Smarter Analytics" in more detail.

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