Teradata Vantage customer experience enterprise CDP

Customer Experience

The proliferation of new digital channels offers a variety of unprecedented customer insights.

Despite this, most enterprises struggle to view the end-to-end customer journey that spans multiple touchpoints and departments, sense and react to a multitude of customer pain points and opportunities, or meaningfully personalize customer interactions in a timely manner.

CDP Benefits

In recent years, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have emerged to address this need.

While different market definitions exist for CDPs, the leading analyst firms agree that the key capabilities include unifying customer data, analyzing customers, and activating insights. All in one system, with a user-friendly interface designed for the kinds of agility and scale marketers and CX professionals need.

CDPs falling short

The first generation of CDPs have fallen short to address the needs of the enterprise.  They often oversimply the effort to integrate hundreds of disparate customer data sources, provide rudimentary or single genre analytics, and rely on antiquated “list pulls” to take actions that lack autonomous decisioning and the ability to take action in real-time. Vantage CX overcomes these challenges as the first enterprise class CDP.

The foundation of customer data management

A company’s success hinges on a superior customer experience. So what goes into an enterprise-grade customer data management (CDM) system?


Establishing a system that’s used as a tool, not a repository, using both data management best practices and a variety of clearly defined use cases. 


Cadence changes, so a customer data management system needs to support cadence variations-real-time, near-real-time, periodic-when the use case dictates it.


Different teams use different tools, so a system must work in conjunction with those preferred tools to avoid disrupting workflow and productivity.


Adaptability is critical. A customer data management system must be able to adapt when needs and uses change from what’s currently required.  


Companies need to know the most effective, meaningful way to interact with customers, so a system must enable analysis beyond historic marketing views. 


The most productive CDM systems help establish metadata structures that can improve effective data analysis and use into the future.


The most useful system will accommodate deterministic customer data from systems of record as well as probabilistic customer data. 


Enterprise-grade CDM systems guard personally identifiable information (PII), keeping it in designated storage area based on regulatory requirements or customer preferences. 


An overly complex CDM is destined to fail. Acquire one that’s straightforward and easy to use for any department, any function.  


Top CMOs know that when it comes to data pain, the struggle is real. Teradata Vantage gives a CMO all necessary data access, from all relevant touchpoints, so they can be nimble while saving both time and money.


When it comes to using data to optimize the customer experience, CMOs have a unique set of headaches. Download this infographic to see how Teradata Vantage offers quick relief for data pain.

Vantage CX benefits

Teradata received the highest scores for all four use cases in the Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities report for DMSA.  

With Vantage CX, business users can link new data sets to existing customer information in to create unified customer profiles. 

Self-service data integration capabilities let citizen data integrators rapidly access and explore new data sets for increased agility. 

Gives business users access to individual virtual sandboxes to store and process data in a way that reduces data movement and ensures governance and security.

The only enterprise-Class CDP

Vantage CX is the only enterprise-class CDP that delivers a full view of customer data, turning data into customer insights and insights into actions.

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