Digital Identity Management: A Cookie-less Future is Coming Webinar Replay

A cookieless future is coming.

How will you save your company’s Customer Experience?

It’s a conundrum. By next year, third-party cookies—used to track customers and predict their needs across digital channels—will go away due to privacy regulations.

Yet once companies start making poor suggestions to customers, they walk away. 

What can enterprises do to satisfy both regulations and their customers—and grow sales while they’re at it?

Our group of experts discussed just that and more during our webinar, Overcoming a Cookie-Less Future with Digital Identity Management.


  • The Very Group (Shop Direct) CDO - Steven Pimblett
  • Tony Brown – Celebrus
  • Ruth Gordon – Teradata 

In this webinar roundtable, you’ll learn about:

  • Keeping customers happy across all your digital channels
  • The Celebrus first-party cookie solution that takes the place of third-party cookies
  • How digital identity management from Teradata Vantage and Celebrus can be used to drive your business to the next level

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