Next-gen Data Analytics for Telcos of the Future

Digitalisation is having a huge impact on our lives, and everything is connected at your fingertips. ​ By leveling up on your network and 5G, our connected lives are only going to get better as 5G will accelerate the way we live, work and play. 

These next level of digital transformation will require next generation of machine learning, AI and hyper scale data management capabilities. This puts greater demands on the CTOs of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to manage the transition from 4G to 5G efficiently and cost effectively.​

During this session, we've discussed: 

  • What makes 5G different from 3G and 4G networks of the previous generations?
  • What are the additional challenges and complexity 5G brings?
  • What are the typical challenges faced by your Telco in network deployment decisions?​ 
  • How will data analytics help address the challenges of your Telco?​

We've also addressed how you can address internal organisational dynamics and challenges of the CSPs to address their ambition for leveraging 5G and fibre networks.​

Watch this fireside chat session on-demand now!

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