Simplify cost governance with VantageCloud Lake

Cost governance is a crucial part of data analytics, as it can affect the performance and profitability of an organization. Data analytics requires a lot of resources and can generate high costs. When these costs aren’t carefully monitored and optimized, organizations tend to overspend or underutilize their resources. To avoid these pitfalls, organizations need tools that help them measure and manage their data analytics spending.

VantageCloud Lake provides the user-friendly financial governance features organizations need to manage their cloud data resources efficiently and cost-effectively. From the self-service Console, users can monitor usage in near real time, estimate future consumption, set alerts based on thresholds, and more. This enhances decision-making, enabling users to allocate resources to the right entities, prevent overruns, and eliminate inefficiencies.

In this live demo, we’ll demonstrate VantageCloud Lake’s financial governance features and show you how to use the Console to gain greater visibility into costs—and centralized control over the financial governance of the entire organization.

Join this live demo to see how to:

  • Easily visualize current consumption and future estimates by department with drillable reports
  • Set automated alerts based on consumption thresholds for policy-driven guardrails
  • Estimate usage and cost for new environments in real time with interactive selections
  • Create new profiles to estimate consumption with auto-scaling and cool-down options
  • Use, Teradata’s generative AI chat feature, to get pricing models, unit burn-down, and organization information


Seetha Bhat
Seetha Bhat
Director of Product Management

Seetha is at the forefront of Teradata’s generative AI initiative, Her expertise lies in leveraging technology to significantly enhance the cloud data analytics experience and fuel product growth and innovation.

Naresh Peddinti
Naresh Peddinti
Staff Product Manager

Naresh is responsible for self-service capabilities in the VantageCloud Lake Console. His expertise lies in building core financial governance and observability capabilities that help enterprise customers monitor consumption and avoid cost overruns.

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