Turning Data into a Strategic Asset for a Modernized, Future-proof Supply Chain

This white paper by Enterprise Strategy Group touts how Vantage’s data-centric, cloud-based platform helps organizations modernize and future-proof their global supply chains against unexpected threats, challenges, and hiccups.

No organization’s global supply chain has been untouched by the many unforeseen events that have ravaged the ability to move products from the point of manufacturing to the point of consumption. Public health threats and geopolitical events are just a few challenges to global supply chains—and they all appear to be happening concurrently. Whether you’re talking about business-to-consumer or business-to-business supply chains, the impact of these events has been undeniable. When evaluating their own supply chain risks, organizations should expect the unexpected, and plan their systems accordingly. And organizations need new ways to use data to promote efficiency, visibility, and resiliency in their global supply chains.

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