Teradata Welcomes Chad Bennett as SVP, Investor Relations and Corporate Development

2024년 6월 27일 | SAN DIEGO

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) today announced that Chad Bennett has joined the company as SVP, Investor Relations and Corporate Development.

Bennett was previously part of Craig-Hallum Capital, where he was Senior Vice President/Partner Equity Research and responsible for primary coverage of SaaS and software companies, including Teradata. He brings strong analytic and strategic skills to Teradata based on his more than 20 years as a seasoned sell-side analyst with strong expertise in financial modeling, valuation, operational efficiency, and competitive intelligence. 

“I’m pleased that Chad is joining Teradata as I believe he has the ideal background to continue our efforts in building and maintaining mutually beneficial relations with financial analysts and institutional investors,” said Claire Bramley, CFO, Teradata. “It’s so important to communicate, consistently and transparently, with our investor community, and Chad will bring his understanding of this dynamic environment to Teradata, as well as be an agile and forward-thinking leader in identifying corporate development opportunities.”

“It’s clear that Teradata has unparalleled expertise in data analytics and has an enterprise customer base that is the envy of most software companies,” said Bennett. “There is tremendous opportunity ahead of Teradata.  I am excited to be joining the team and I look forward to engaging with our investors on the continued growth of Teradata as the most complete cloud analytics and data platform provider for Trusted AI.”

About Chad Bennett

Since 2011, Bennett has been at Craig-Hallum Capital, where he was Senior Vice President/Partner Equity Research – Software, responsible for the primary coverage of more than 30 SaaS/Software related companies. Before that, he was Director of Research/Senior Vice President Equity Research – Technology at Northland Capital Markets, leading a research team of analysts that consistency and effectively increased awareness of and quality of outputs within the overall research department. 

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