Teradata AI Unlimited Now Available on AWS

2023년 11월 28일 | Las Vegas (AWS re: Invent)

Drive Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective AI Innovation with Teradata’s Serverless AI/ML Engine in the Cloud, Now Available in Private Preview through AWS Marketplace

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) announced that Teradata AI Unlimited is now available in private preview on Amazon Web Service (AWS) through AWS Marketplace. Teradata AI Unlimited is Teradata’s serverless artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) engine designed to allow data scientists, data engineers, and developers to explore and discover innovative new use cases — on-demand and using data at scale.

Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS brings the power of Teradata’s industry-leading ClearScape Analytics capabilities to a low-cost environment that maximizes exploration and discovery. With serverless compute and in-engine analytics, Teradata AI Unlimited is a complete engine that features AI/ML capabilities which gives organizations the ability to uncover valuable new use cases, all while being securely and natively integrated with AWS.

“Teradata is steadfastly committed to helping organizations unlock the enterprise value and breakthrough business results of AI,” said Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata. “Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS is yet another step forward in supporting our customers’ AI initiatives, giving them the ability to cost-effectively and securely explore, experiment and operationalize new AI use cases, at scale.” 

Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS offers data scientists, data engineers and developers robust tools designed to enable their AI initiatives. In addition to delivering parallel processing and the ability to build and run models at considerable scale, AI Unlimited’s Bring-Your-Own-Model (BYOM) capabilities is designed to allow users to operationalize any model trained on Amazon SageMaker or other AI/ML services within Teradata AI Unlimited. Data can be accessed in AWS via Open File Format such as Parquet, CSV, and JSON using Jupyter Notebook, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, or Microsoft Excel. Teradata AI Unlimited will soon enable access to any data lake that supports Open Table Format (OTF) such as Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake. As a result, users will be enabled to smoothly transition a prototype at any time to the VantageCloud production environment and operationalize it at scale.

With seamless integrations between Teradata’s complete engine that includes serverless AI capabilities, ClearScape Analytics, and VantageCloud and AWS, users can set up and deploy enhanced analytics in minutes by simply purchasing Teradata AI Unlimited through a self-service, on-demand experience in AWS Marketplace. Data can be accessed where it lives on AWS, eliminating expensive data movement and time-consuming data infrastructure management. Compute resources can be spun up or spun down with unlimited scale. And with a consumption model based only on the time spent exploring and making discoveries, Teradata AI Unlimited is designed to minimize costs and diminish the risks of costly overruns and time-consuming provisioning — freeing up more time for ideation and innovation.


Teradata AI Unlimited is available today in private preview in AWS Marketplace for select customers. 

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