Telefónica España Selects Teradata Vantage in the Cloud for Flexible and Scalable Analytics Environment

2022년 1월 18일 | San Diego/Madrid

Global telecommunications company chose Vantage on Google Cloud to modernize data analytics ecosystem

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics company, today announced that Telefónica España is continuing its ongoing relationship with Teradata by migrating its on-premises data analytics ecosystem to Vantage on Google Cloud.

“The fact that Telefónica España recently awarded the migration of its on-premises data platform to Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud, which is currently under execution, is a notable development in our 23-year partnership,” said Eric Joulie, VP for Western Europe at Teradata. “We’re proud to help Telefónica continue to innovate and achieve its analytic goals through the power of a proven, enterprise-scale data analytics platform in the cloud.”

Telefónica España - one of the core operating businesses of Telefónica Group – offers connections that brings together its more than 40.5 million customers in Spain. The company is a long-standing user of Teradata Vantage to drive enterprise-wide analytics at scale. With Vantage on Google Cloud, Telefónica España can now take advantage of the cloud’s elasticity and scalability without sacrificing the performance and speed of the Vantage platform. By optimizing their cloud data analytics ecosystem in the secure and stable environment that Vantage provides, Telefónica España will be able to quickly generate data-driven insights that lead to meaningful business outcomes.

“We chose Teradata Vantage and Google Cloud because they offered us the fastest and lowest-risk cloud migration project, while continuing to provide the outstanding data & analytics technology and innovation capabilities that also speed our progress on our Digital Transformation journey,” said Javier Tobar, Chief Data Officer, Telefónica España.

Teradata Vantage is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics. It enables ecosystem simplification by unifying analytics, data lakes and data warehouses. With Vantage, enterprise-scale companies like Telefónica España can eliminate silos and cost-effectively query all their data, all the time, regardless of where the data resides — in the cloud, on multiple clouds, on-premises or any combination thereof — to get a complete view of their business.

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