Teradata and Antuit.ai Partner to Deliver Pragmatic AI Business Solutions for Retail and CPG

2021년 4월 27일 | DALLAS and SAN DIEGO

With Teradata Vantage and Antuit.ai Tools, Joint Customers Can Right-size Inventory and Optimize Assortment and Pricing

Teradata and Antuit.ai have announced a partnership to help retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies digitally transform their operational decision making and drive revenue growth. Teradata (NYSE: TDC) is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics. Antuit.ai is the leader in SaaS AI Demand Intelligence solutions for supply chain, merchandising and marketing.

The partnership brings together Teradata Vantage, the modern multi-cloud data platform for enterprise-scale analytics, and Antuit.ai’s AI solution portfolio, which delivers incredibly accurate demand forecasting, demand shaping and omnichannel inventory optimization. Together, Teradata and Antuit.ai will deploy the latest AI innovation over the best data platform for managing the breadth and depth of consumer data to optimize decision making for demand planning, assortment, allocation and pricing. The combined cloud-based solution creates the opportunity for significant return on investment. 

“With omnichannel and e-commerce booming, companies need to be even more exact in their inventory and merchandising decisions across all sales channels. Leveraging Teradata Vantage and Antuit.ai enables demand forecasting and merchandise planning optimization across any multi-cloud environment. This joint solution is exactly what retail and CPG companies need to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace right now,” said John Knieriemen, Industry Vice President, Retail / CPG at Teradata.

“Teradata has long been the data warehouse and data platform of choice for many of the world’s most forward-thinking retailers and consumer products companies. We are pleased to offer our AI solutions to their customer base to help drive transformational decisions across supply chain, revenue growth management and merchandising, and we look forward to this partnership,” said Patrick Smith, Chief Customer Officer of antuit.ai.

About antuit.ai
Antuit.ai is the leader in AI-powered solutions for Forecasting and Merchandising, empowering world-class retailers and consumer products companies to digitally transform their businesses and achieve substantial business results. To learn more, visit www.antuit.ai.

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