Teradata University for Academics Expands Data and Analytic Training; Offers Hands-on, Educational Access to Vantage

2020년 8월 26일 | SAN DIEGO, California

Expanded partnership with the University of Arkansas brings Vantage into the classroom for faculty and students from academic institutions around the world

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the cloud data and analytics company, today announced a significant expansion of the Teradata University for Academics program, ensuring that students looking to build careers in the growing big data and analytics marketplace are fully prepared and already familiar with the leading data analytics platform, Teradata Vantage.
The Teradata University for Academics program, which for twenty years has provided access to Teradata technology and resources for schools who opt into the curriculum, is now offering complimentary technical education for anyone in the academic community – regardless of their association with Teradata. Also expanded is the coursework offered from Teradata, which now includes more than 145 hours of online technical training. These on-demand web-based courses, which can be taken for free as part of any university syllabus, include lab simulations and certification programs meant to teach both basic and advanced skills in SQL, Machine Learning, Automation and more. Popular courses include Teradata SQL, Big Data Concepts, Breaking the Language Barrier: When to Use Python, R and SQL, and Introduction to Data Science Process.
In addition to this unprecedented access to technical training, Teradata is also announcing an expanded partnership with the University of Arkansas to allow students and faculty from any university, worldwide, to gain hands-on experience with Teradata Vantage.
“While the decades-long partnership between Teradata and the University of Arkansas has always focused on preparing students for careers in big data, the resources we are now able to provide are truly unique for a university setting,” said Dr. Ron Freeze at the University of Arkansas. “We pride ourselves on turning out students that are not only educated in the theory of data and analytics, but who can also hit the ground running with real-world experience and insight. Offering this enviable academic opportunity to faculty and students from other colleges and universities is our pleasure.”
Teradata recently donated a new, state-of-the-art Vantage platform to the University of Arkansas, who agreed to provide direct, hosted access to the platform for tens of thousands of students from hundreds of colleges and universities. This is an expansion of the existing Teradata University for Academics program, whose most active participants hail from a wide variety of colleges worldwide, from Duke University and Oklahoma State University, to NIDA in Thailand.
“Teradata’s customers are some of the largest, most visionary companies in the world and they run their businesses on data. Nearly all of them need more data scientists and analytics experts, so we’re doing our part to make an education in data and analytics easily accessible,” said Susan Baskin, Director of Global Customer Education and Teradata University for Academics. “Our long-term partnership with the University of Arkansas is critical to that education because it provides the real-world experience that students need and companies value. When a graduate can lean on their practical experiences of using Vantage in the classroom – and showcase their certification to prove it – it heightens their market appeal while also making it easier for our customers to hire the qualified talent they need.”
To augment the practical experience of the program, Teradata also partners with the University of Arkansas to provide curated and anonymized data sets from companies such as Sam’s Club and Dillard’s. Available for free -- courtesy of strong relationships cultivated by the University of Arkansas -- students access, work with, and find insights using these real-world, massive data sets in the Teradata Vantage platform, ensuring that their academic experience can easily translate to a real-world setting.
About University of Arkansas
The University of Arkansas provides an internationally competitive education for undergraduate and graduate students in more than 200 academic programs. The university contributes new knowledge, economic development, basic and applied research, and creative activity while also providing service to academic and professional disciplines. The Carnegie Foundation classifies the University of Arkansas among fewer than 2.7 percent of universities in America that have the highest level of research activity. U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Arkansas among its top American public research universities. Founded in 1871, the University of Arkansas comprises 10 colleges and schools and maintains a low student-to-faculty ratio that promotes personal attention and close mentoring

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