Teradata Selected by Tabcorp to Accelerate Analytics Innovation in the Cloud with Vantage on AWS

2020년 11월 18일 | Sydney, Australia

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the cloud data analytics platform company, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Tabcorp to provide its Teradata Vantage™ offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Tabcorp’s data warehouse and advanced analytics platform.

Underpinning Tabcorp’s Wagering, Lotteries and Keno businesses, Vantage was selected for its proven enterprise scale and performance in the cloud, its flexible deployment options for hybrid multi-cloud environments, and its rich suite of analytical and data management capabilities that have been rated best-in-class by leading analysts.

“Our vision for Tabcorp is to be the trusted gambling entertainment company through delivering excitement with integrity. TAB is our wagering brand offering a broad range of betting experiences across digital channels and a key priority for us is to give customers more unique, personalised customer experiences. We recognised our ability to create better engagement came down to how we used our data, and that we needed the latest analytics innovation to unlock more advanced capabilities, features and functions to do that well. From an operational standpoint, we also wanted to take a more data-driven approach for improved decision-making,” said Andrew Miller, General Manager Technology - Employee UX, Customer and Data at Tabcorp.

Teradata has worked closely with Tabcorp to successfully migrate Tabcorp’s legacy Oracle on-premises data warehouse onto Vantage, creating a new Tabcorp Data Warehouse (TDW) in the cloud on AWS. Now fully operational, TDW has already delivered improved performance and data processing capabilities with Teradata’s “always-parallel-all-the-time” architecture. Unconstrained by technology limitations, Tabcorp’s business has plans to deploy many new data-driven initiatives that will deliver more personalised and enriching experiences for its valued customers.

“Consolidating all of our data and enhancing our analytics capabilities to help us deliver awesome experiences was one of our key customer and data integration initiatives,” continued Miller. “Moving to the cloud was a significant step forward for our business and it was apparent that Teradata was the right partner, with the right public cloud relationships, to help us do that. Not only could Teradata migrate us to the cloud, its built-in advanced analytical capabilities really excited us.”

In addition to TDW, Teradata has also equipped Tabcorp with a Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) capability for its on-premises Teradata assets. Protecting the business from disruption and ensuring business continuity via the cloud has allowed Tabcorp to consolidate its IT infrastructure assets and optimise operational spend.

“With technology and market conditions changing so quickly, Tabcorp recognised that it could benefit from data analytics in the cloud,” said Noel Pettitt, Managing Director, Teradata Australia. “We focused on extracting much more from its data assets to serve the business, and its customers, in a more optimal way now and in the future.”

Implementation Details and Supporting Partnerships

Teradata is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has achieved the AWS Data & Analytics Competency distinction. With proven processes and tools, Teradata makes migrations to Vantage on AWS low risk and the fastest path to customer value.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Teradata and Tabcorp to enhance their cloud practices and enable Tabcorp to take advantage of Vantage’s capabilities,” said Sabina Joseph, director, Americas ISVs, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Teradata Vantage is the cloud data analytics platform that unifies data warehouses, data lakes and analytics into a single connected ecosystem, delivering actionable answers and predictive intelligence to drive business outcomes. With Vantage delivered as-a-service, in the cloud, enterprise-scale companies can eliminate silos and cost-effectively query all their data, all the time, regardless of where the data resides – in the cloud, on multiple clouds, on-premises or any combination thereof – to get a complete, integrated view of their business.

About Tabcorp

Tabcorp is a world-class diversified gambling entertainment group employing more than 5000 people.

We manage iconic brands which ignite passion and excitement in millions of Australians.

Our goal is to build a sustainable future for gambling entertainment while making a positive impact. Each year our operations return hundreds of millions of dollars to the Australian community, the racing industry and venue partners including newsagents, hotels, clubs and TAB agents.

Tabcorp is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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