Teradata and Deutsche Telekom Strike Strategic Partnership to Make German SMBs More Successful Through Data, Analytics

2019년 10월 30일 | SAN DIEGO/COLOGNE

Teradata becomes Deutsche Telekom’s central partner for providing data analytics to customers, Teradata Vantage is added into Deutsche Telekom’s portfolio of IT solutions for SMBs, Deutsche Telekom develops the “Digital Sales Assistant”

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the cloud analytics company delivering Pervasive Data Intelligence, and Deutsche Telekom, announced a strategic partnership at Digital X in Germany, where Oliver Ratzesberger, President and CEO at Teradata, and Hagen Rickmann, Director Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland, were presenting to an audience of 20,000. The partnership will support the digital transformation goals of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Germany, giving them access to the enormous potential of data analytics to provide the insights required for growth and innovation.

By combining the strengths of Teradata and Deutsche Telekom, customers benefit from dual technology expertise and an end-to-end offering: Teradata contributes leading software for data analytics and decades of experience in data science and business consulting; Deutsche Telekom provides a comprehensive cloud ecosystem, demand-driven infrastructure, highly secure data centers, IT security and IoT solutions over the proven Telekom network.

"This partnership gives SMBs access to data analyses that only large companies have been able to carry out to date,” said Hagen Rickmann, Director Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland. “By combining our strengths, we can provide affordable solutions created especially for our customers.”

Teradata and Deutsche Telekom
Teradata Vantage: Turning Data into Answers
As the basis for this partnership, Deutsche Telekom is integrating the leading analytics platform, Teradata Vantage, into its IT solution portfolio. For SMBs in Germany, this provides unprecedented easy and efficient access to data analytics, bypassing the technological complexity that has previously been a barrier to entry. With Vantage, customers can analyze enormous amounts of data in the cloud from a wide variety of sources – including, but not limited to, sensors, machines, smartphones or social media – in real time. By leveraging tools such as machine learning for artificial intelligence, SMBs can discover answers to business-critical questions, increasing their ability to make data-driven decisions.

“Data is the backbone of any digital transformation, much like SMBs are the backbone of success and innovation in the German economy," said Oliver Ratzesberger, President and CEO of Teradata. “Data and analytics – areas that are so crucial for all businesses today – are especially challenging for SMBs to properly leverage, given their lack of in-house expertise and smaller budgets. Together with Deutsche Telekom, we are proud to close this gap by offering a cloud-based, simple solution: we manage the infrastructure, and entrepreneurs focus on the analytics that lead to answers, innovation and growth.”

Digital Sales Assistant: Application in Development
Using Teradata Vantage, Deutsche Telekom is already developing its data analytics application for the company’s SMB customers: The “Digital Sales Assistant”, which will enable the sales force to immediately recognize the needs of its customers and respond to them more precisely. By combining existing data sources, such as CRM, ERP, public open source, social media, IoT and telecom data, the sales force gains previously undiscovered information about its customers and is empowered with intelligent recommendations, such as “next best offer,” price/margin optimization and demand forecasts.

The Digital Sales Assistant, an easy first access point for SMBs to begin using data and analytics, is expected to be available in spring 2020.

Industry Focus: Retail, Real Estate, Industrial Production
Teradata and Deutsche Telekom will initially address companies that do business in retail, real estate and industrial production. Each of these industries can particularly benefit from data and analytics in the following ways:

  • Retail: Data helps retailers optimize their stores, calculate prices correctly, manage logistics chains better and, most importantly, understand customers’ needs.
  • Real estate: Providers can use data analytics to make building-specific forecasts on value creation, occupancy and operating costs. These factors work to determine the value of a property on the basis of factors such as location and trends, or to determine the costs of buying, selling and converting buildings.
  • Industrial production: Data is the basis for the smart factory of the future and smart manufacturing. By analyzing sensor data in machines, anomalies can be detected and a possible failure can be predicted. This type of predictive maintenance offers enormous savings potential.

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