Teradata Acquires Big Data Partnership Consultancy, Expands Open Source Analytics Services

2016년 7월 25일 | MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.

Teradata consulting portfolio goes deep into big data analytics across international marketplace

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics company, announced today that it has purchased Big Data Partnership, a leading EMEA-based services provider of big data solutions and training. Big Data Partnership has deep expertise in disruptive technologies, including Apache Hadoop, and helps its clients discover how to become more data driven and data savvy through data science and the adoption of the latest big data technologies.

Big data analytics services represent a fast-growing market valued at $40 billion in 2015.* Internet-of-Things sensor data and information streams from consumer technologies are fueling growth and spiking demand for multi-genre analytics, new data infrastructures and business models. Some companies experiment with big data analytics, investing in and trying many data platforms and techniques, with mixed or poor results. Other companies scramble to recruit experts and services in the face of petabyte-sized data fluctuations.

In this high-demand, opportunity-rich market, Big Data Partnership was founded by Mike Merritt-Holmes, Tim Seears, and Pinal Gandhi in 2012. Today, Big Data Partnership has a highly talented team of big data architects, engineers, data scientists and certified trainers engaged with clients on-site and through its London facility. Big Data Partnership will now join Teradata’s Think Big consulting practice, accelerating Think Big’s expansion of open source consulting services internationally. The Big Data Partnership team will be additive to Teradata’s consulting capabilities that provide strategic consulting, platform-neutral options and agile implementation services for big data analytics. Teradata is committed to giving customers choices, with solutions deployed on-premises or in the cloud, ensuring that companies have the expertise and insight they need to capitalize on all their data.

“Big Data Partnership brings exciting new capabilities and broadens our analytic services portfolio, enhancing Think Big’s expertise and giving our customers more choices, outcomes tailored to their goals, and valuable knowledge transfer,” said Rick Farnell, senior vice president, Think Big, a Teradata Company. “We continue to strengthen our world-class solutions business to help our customers design, build and run analytics, and the Big Data Partnership consultancy fits well with Teradata’s increasingly strong global analytics practice. As a result, we see fast-growing opportunities in the services market, where hybrid platforms and integration of on-premises and cloud capabilities evolve seamlessly. We help our clients think big, start smart and scale fast.”

The ranks of new talent and innovative customers from Big Data Partnership further grow Teradata’s worldwide consulting services organization, and will bring valuable big data analytics expertise to customers in Europe and Asia, with an initial focus on the U.K., France, Germany, Nordics, Switzerland and China.

"Big Data Partnership has become a trusted partner to Worldpay, supporting our big data analytics journey. The combination of Big Data Partnership and Think Big will provide us with quality data engineering and data science talent who will complement our teams in the successful delivery of our big data strategy,” said Mark Kimber, chief information officer of Worldpay, a leading payments company with global reach.

“Our clients have been outspoken in their appreciation for us, one saying that their business ‘has been advanced several years in a few months’ by working with Big Data Partnership. Our people are mission-driven and fully understand the importance and impact of our consulting work. We also appreciate the scope, scale and talent of Teradata’s global analytics organization, and we are thrilled to extend our expertise to the companies that trust Teradata with their most valuable data assets,” said Mike Merritt-Holmes, founder and chief strategy officer, Big Data Partnership. “We look forward to extending our expertise and services to help meet the growing demand for big data analytics services across the world and the global Teradata community.”

Big Data Partnership brings a proven approach to help companies deliver successful big data programs quickly based on an assessment of technology, business and governance maturity. Big Data Partnership’s full lifecycle approach evaluates a client’s big data assets at any stage of deployment and provides comprehensive recommendations. This expert guidance helps organizations protect investments in big data technologies, generate unique insights, and achieve more effective, secure execution as well as faster time to market. Big Data Partnership also brings assets and proven experience in applying sophisticated data science, machine learning, and real-time feeds to accelerate advanced decision-making.
The Big Data Partnership methodology complements Think Big’s proven open source consulting approach, named Think Big Velocity™, which meets a client with services at any point in their big data initiative and takes them forward step-by-step to achieve a positive agreed-upon outcome. Think Big accomplishes this through agile deployment and skills to help clients continuously innovate, develop, deploy, manage and optimize new open-source production analytic solutions.

The terms of the acquisition agreement were not disclosed.

Teradata continues to invest in open source technology and consulting services, expanding the company’s recognized leadership expertise in big data analytics and comprehensive Hadoop-optimized systems and services.

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* Gartner Market Guide for BI & Analytic Service Providers, August 2015

About Big Data Partnership
Founded in 2012, Big Data Partnership is a leading big data specialist solution provider in EMEA, offering strategic consulting, data science, big data engineering and certified training. The Big Data Partnership team has deep expertise and experience in key big data technologies including the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, NoSQL and search technologies. For more information, visit the company website: Big Data Partnership.

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