Telenor India Opts for Teradata’s analytics platform to enhance user experience

2016년 11월 22일 | New Delhi/Mumbai

New solution aims to deliver tangible benefits for Telenor India across three main business areas – customer, retail and infrastructure

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), leading analytics solutions company, has been selected as the analytics platform of choice by Telenor India, a leading mobile operator in India, to deliver an improved user experience and greater overall efficiencies for its customers.

Given the highly competitive Indian telecommunications market, maintaining high call quality and delivering the best possible customer experience remains the primary goal for all players in the market. Furthermore, Telenor was looking to utilize analytics effectively in order to create operational and cost efficiencies, lower call center costs, reduce churn and offer better incentives for retailers.

With the increase in demand for mobile Internet and data services, there is a growing need to constantly upgrade and evolve the back end IT infrastructure for Telcos in order to deliver greater cost efficiencies for end-users. Telenor's immediate requirements were to be able to manage its increasing data traffic and at the same time deliver a seamless financial reporting structure. In order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing digital business environment, in 2014 Telenor chose to deploy Teradata data warehousing analytics platform.

The new Teradata platform will enable Telenor to create an improved ecosystem that offers a single point of access to near-real-time information. It is already delivering a ten-fold increase in market-norm performance for re-rating bill plans and 99.99% reporting accuracy. This is reducing the turnaround time for financial closing from five to just two days. Additionally, it has enabled a higher level of self-service support for the business teams.

Tanveer Mohammad, Chief Operating Officer,  Telenor India said "This strategic collaboration between Telenor and  Teradata is already delivering the flexibility and capacity needed to manage our next level of business growth as well as provide an enriched user experience using data and analytics. With the implementation of the new Teradata solution, Telenor will be able to achieve its ambition of becoming the preferred partner in our customer's digital lifestyle in India. Additionally, Teradata Active Systems Management offers us real-time data analytics that will allow us to prioritize queries, segment customer needs and load data in a timely manner."

"The intent of this strategic partnership is to achieve tangible business benefits across three of Telenor's main business areas - customer, retail and infrastructure. Teradata solutions will help Telenor to focus on their primary goal which is to pay attention to the customer insights that are driving our business today. The idea is to optimize their business offering, reduce costs and inefficiencies along with fraud- whist always keeping the customer's best interests in mind." said Mr. Sunil Jose, Managing Director, Teradata India.



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