Echte Liebe: Pushing Data Management to New Levels for Individualized Customer Communication

2016년 6월 14일 | MUNICH

Full-service agency streamlines digital communications with the Data Management Platform from Teradata Marketing Applications

Echte Liebe, a full-service digital media agency based in Germany, has selected the Data Management Platform (DMP) from Teradata Marketing Applications, a division* of Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), to help its clients connect all relevant data from multiple sources and channels and then leverage it in near-real-time for individualized marketing campaigns.

The variety of paid, earned and owned channels available to companies to reach and interact with their customers has increased significantly in recent years, as has the volume of data. In today’s non-stop digital environment, being able to track the entire customer journey by combining and analyzing online and offline data has become a make-or-break proposition for marketers implementing individualized customer campaigns. The Teradata DMP enables such capabilities, which influenced Echte Liebe’s decision to use this technology moving forward.

“Our clients require efficient and personalized campaigns, ranging from individualized banner advertising to building lookalike audiences and applying proven campaign tactics. For that, we needed the right technological foundation,” says Siamac Alexander Rahnavard, CEO of Echte Liebe. “We selected Teradata Marketing Applications over two other vendors because they treat our relationship as a partnership, and their mature technology demonstrates their leadership experience in leveraging data for digital marketing.”

“Finding your way through the maze of technological solutions for data management is easier said than done,” explains Dirk Radetzki, managing director DACH, Marketing Applications at Teradata. “If data warehouses can be viewed as the ‘long-term’ memory of a company, then data management platforms are its ‘short-term’ memory. Ideal for handling important information such as preferences and loyalty, these platforms enable individualized real-time customer communications. Using Teradata’s DMP, marketing managers can target their messages not only to known users, but also to unknown users who do not wish to reveal their personal details.”

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