Accelerate Innovation With Teradata’s On-Demand AI/ML Engine

True innovation requires powerful capabilities that let you explore without constraints. But many businesses remain stifled with infrastructure, data integration, and costly compute challenges. Simply put, traditional data platforms often fail to provide the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to evolving business needs.

Teradata AI Unlimited is reimagining the way companies approach innovation. Our on-demand AI/ML engine in the cloud lets you spin up an environment in minutes, so you can experiment with complex use cases, integrate custom or public large language models (LLMs), and leverage a range of data and AI tools. This means you can more quickly move breakthrough ideas from testing into production and activate AI at scale—without the complexity of managing infrastructure or the fear of cost overruns.

In this live demo of AI Unlimited, we'll demonstrate an experimental workflow that combines generative AI and open-source capabilities with traditional ML to unlock faster insights and solve real-world business issues.

Join this live demo to see how to:

  • Deploy AI Unlimited on demand at any scale to support the most demanding analytical workloads 
  • Enable seamless access to unified data across different silos, providing a single source of truth for analytics
  • Experiment with advanced, real-time analytics, from predictive modeling to generative AI



Kevin Sturgeon
Kevin Sturgeon

Director, Solution Engineering, Teradata

Kevin Sturgeon directs a global program for the development and delivery of live demonstration assets showcasing Teradata’s unique technological and business benefits, including solutions for cloud, data and systems architecture, AI/ML, advanced analytics, and business outcomes.

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