Teradata Retail Data Model (RDM) represents enterprise data, data relationships, topic areas and business rules that define how different types of data relate to each other. This industry data model works in conjunction with the Retail Analytic Schemas (RAS) access-layer product, providing a rapid jump-start to launching your summary dashboard and detail analytics applications. The RDM contains a base of strategic, high-value business information to support an organization’s growth and profitability objectives.

Being competitive, and providing services and products that customers want, requires a single, consistent view of data that enables smarter, faster decisions and a comprehensive view of all business aspects. Integrated and subject-oriented, this model provides the backbone for an organization’s decision-support, analytical, and information environment.

Features and Benefits

Eliminate guesswork
Know with certainty products customers buy, preferred channels, and optimal pricing and promotion positioning.

Financials at-a-glance
See which products drive highest sales volume, revenue, or profitability, as well as in-stock percent of top-selling products.

Contingency planning
Determine product viability and substitution value based on customer browsing versus purchase behavior.

Customer feedback strategy
Use customer feedback to continually improve customer service and the products offered.

Supplier performance management
Evaluate vendor performance relative to other category vendors in category in terms of sales, profitability, and service level.

Contain E&O costs
Get a full view of year-over-year total associate benefits liability, by both plan and associate demographics.

Streamline labor planning
Fine-tune labor planning and scheduling for efficient customer service and sales, while minimizing labor costs.

How They Work

Retail Data Model

The Retail Data Model (RDM) is a cross-functional third normal form data warehouse data model for retailers that delivers crucial data about customers, stores, financials, products, inventory, and employees. 

Retail Analytic Schemas

The Retail Analytic Schemas (RAS) product is a business-driven, predefined data model for the retail industry that allows retail businesses to jumpstart the development of the user access layer in their analytic environment. It includes dimensional data models and analytic data sets in one integrated data model.

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