Industry data model foundation for IDW

Teradata Manufacturing Data Model (MFGDM)

The Teradata Manufacturing Data Model (MFGDM) offers you a blueprint that provides convenient access to cross-functional, integrated information and provides a single view of your business that allows personnel across your enterprise to clearly see how different types of data relate to each other. It provides the structure and standardization you need to address your most crucial business questions by combining data between the manufacturer, internal systems and suppliers to provide analysis of manufacturing, supply chain, financial management and customer relationship management.
The MFGDM contains a base of strategic, high-value business information to support the organization’s growth and profitability objectives. Because the model is integrated and subject-oriented, it provides the backbone for an organization’s decision-support, analytical, and information environment.

Features & Benefits

Production analytics
Identify the standard manufacturing path, yield, and cycle time for a specific part number at a specified factory.

Detailed forecasting
Map accurate historical forecasts in 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120-day increments.

Logistics tracking, refinement
Uncover underlying causes – breakdown, route deviation, abnormal weather -- that delay shipments.

Inventory management
Pinpoint and curtail the most serious raw material shortage problems with comprehensive visibility.

Procurement analysis
Determine raw material requirement across the company, considering both seasonality and geography.

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