When Not to Scale in the Cloud

수요일, 28 4월 2021 | Virtual

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The magic of cloud is the ability to scale without limit, solving all our challenges that we had while on-premises. Or does it? Maybe there’s a time to be in the cloud and yet not scale. Heresy! But if you start using just scalability to solve your performance problems, maybe you’re solving the wrong problem.​

Teradata Vantage has refined its workload management capabilities over 40 years to handle the biggest and most complex challenges our customers have found. Yet, it is deceptively simple to use and contain your cost in the cloud —whichever cloud you want to run Vantage upon: AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.​

Join our LinkedIn Live on April 28 at 9am PDT with Kevin Bogusch, Ecosystem Architect, as he chats with Kaylee Parker, Vantage Master and Customer Success Architect, to understand when not to scale in the cloud and still have the performance you need while managing your costs.

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