Webinar: Revealing the True Cost of Migrating a Data Warehouse to the Cloud

화요일, 17 11월 2020 | Virtual

Join Dr. Boris Zibitsker, founder and CEO of BEZNext, and Kevin Bogusch, Cloud Evangelist at Teradata, as they explain why the cost of moving a data warehouse to the cloud isn’t what you might expect and how to make an informed migration decision.

They’ll cover:
  • Common pitfalls when evaluating a data analytics platform on cloud architectures
  • A hands-on case study of a company’s journey comparing data analytics platforms—and lessons learned
  • Accurately predicting the true cost of migrating to the cloud
  • Why cost per query is the best metric to compare platforms
  • How five simple questions can show your cost estimate for Teradata Vantage™ in the cloud
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