The era of generative AI: How enterprises can prepare for 2024

January 10, 2024 | 3:30 GMT | 4:30 CET

Are you prepared for the AI-driven future? Today, more than ever, organizations need a clear blueprint on how to move past the hype and use new and emerging AI innovation to drive results across the business.

Join us for a conversation that will answer your biggest questions on AI and give you practical insights you can use to thrive in the AI-driven decade ahead. Teradata’s Senior Director of Data Science, Dr. Chris Hillman, and Nina Schick, author, generative AI expert, and founder of Tamang Ventures, will take you through:

  • What opportunities and challenges generative AI will bring in 2024
  • Where and how to invest in AI for maximum business value
  • Why mindset matters—and how the right one can help you navigate the Age of AI
  • How you can implement, accelerate, and drive results from your AI initiatives with Teradata VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics™

Kate Russell, former BBC moderator and technology journalist, will moderate this webinar and make sure your questions are addressed by our experts. 

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