Deploying Analytics at Scale with Teradata VantageCloud and Azure Machine Learning

목요일, 2 3월 2023 | Virtual

Find out how to drive more growth and better performance across your business with AI/ML

Only 54% of AI/ML projects make it to production, and most of these have limited use case applications.

But despite the numbers, AI/ML has the potential to deliver massive value when deployed correctly across your organization.

Join our webinar on Thursday, March 2 at 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET to learn how you can unlock the power of AI/ML to drive growth, improve performance, and build better customer experiences with Teradata VantageCloud and Azure Machine Learning.

What you’ll learn:

  • Explore best practices to enhance fraud detection and risk management, improve customer experiences, and streamline regulatory compliance.
  • Find out how Teradata VantageCloud and Azure ML drive performance across your business with fast, simple, scalable AI/ML solutions.
  • Discover a better way to prepare data, train models, and deploy those models into production.


Jason Virtue, Global AI & ML Community Practice Lead, Microsoft

Jason Virtue
Global AI & ML Community Practice Lead

Jason Virtue is a Principal AI Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft for the Global Partner Systems. He also serves as AI/ML Practice Lead for the worldwide community. Jason has experience building modern data warehouses, business intelligence and AI practices, and is adept at advising clients on best practices in the AI/ML industry.

Katrina Conn, Director, Data Science Practice, Teradata

Katrina Conn
Director, Data Science Practice

Katrina Conn leads Teradata’s Data Science team, where she champions the use of advanced analytics and digital strategies to guide business leaders in modernizing their analytic and digital-led transformation, helping them activate the unlocked value of their AI/ML investments to meet the changing demands of the business and consumer.

Michael Riordan, Senior Director, Product Management, Teradata

Michael Riordan
Senior Director, Product Management

Mike Riordan leads Teradata’s ClearScape Analytics™ Product Management team, where he looks for new ways to drive value from data through AI/ML, with a focus on integrating Teradata Vantage™ capabilities with our analytic partners.