금요일, 20 4월 2018 | Vienna

A strong civil society (comprised of organizations working for citizens, outside of the government) is key to stable and just democracies. Join Teradata and ERSTE Foundation on April 20 & 21 to work hands-on on data science challenges to measure the status of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe. Participants will have the opportunity to work with experienced Data Scientists on text mining, social media analysis, as well as open government data analysis, using tools of their choice or working on a Hadoop computing cluster supplied by Teradata. During two days, we will produce a solid data foundation that will allow ERSTE Foundation to measure the status of civil society. ERSTE Foundation will use this data to measure the success of their many projects that support civil society across Central and Eastern Europe. Other not-for-profit organisations across Europe can use this data to secure funding for their important mission to strengthen civil society and safeguard democracy.