Analytics 1-2-3: Fast Track from Concept to Production

수요일, 12 10월 2022 | Virtual

Did you know that at least 65% of the predictive models built in organizations today are never implemented in production? How can businesses become more resilient and more innovative when most of the analytics and insights they generate never leave the innovation lab?

The shift from old business processes to new ones is becoming more important than ever in terms of generating positive ROI, and we want you to be prepared for the transition. This third edition of our “Analytics 1-2-3” LinkedIn Live Series is an opportunity for you to learn how to to fast-track your lab’s insights and analytics from concept to production.

  • You can expect to learn from Teradata’s leading experts about the capabilities required to get to production.
  • Find out how the implementation of business-critical insights is essential to improve production, efficiency, resiliency, and innovation.
  • You will learn in numerous real-world use cases from finance to supply chain.

Our host and presenters have decades of experience in the theory and practice of advanced analytics, including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Watch now on-demand.