The Fastest Path to Cloud Analytics

The Fastest Path to Cloud Analytics

Proven Cloud Solutions with Security and Scalability

Cloud services offer benefits including rapid spin-up, elastic scalability, and the freedom to pay only for what you use. Plus, to simplify life and de-risk decisions, Teradata offers the same Vantage software everywhere, making it easy to migrate users and workloads to and from the cloud whenever you wish.


We Cover the Minutiae

Teradata Vantage delivered as-a-service enables your team to focus on answers instead of infrastructure. We manage the details so you can elevate your perspective, be more strategic, and deliver better results.



Our as-a-service subscriptions guarantee uptime so your applications and users can be more productive. We manage performance, security, availability, and operations for you.


Deployment Options

Public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures are all available. Choose AWS, Azure, Teradata infrastructure, commodity hardware, or a blend. When Vantage is consumed as-a-service, you’re in control.


  • We Cover the Minutiae
  • Productivity
  • Deployment Options


Deploy and manage Vantage systems yourself using standard AWS and Azure infrastructure in your own public cloud accounts. With flexible subscription pricing and the ability to completely customize your ecosystem, you can do it all.

Run-it-yourself Deployment
private cloud

Leverage the agile and scalable options of Teradata Vantage on VMware for a wide range of use cases including advanced application development, prototyping, and production environment deployment.

private cloud