PUMA Selects Digital Marketing Center from Teradata as Central Platform for Email Marketing Campaigns

2016년 6월 14일 | MUNICH, Germany

Teradata Marketing Applications, a division* of Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, has won a sportive new customer for its Digital Marketing Center (DMC): PUMA, one of the world’s leading sports brands. Effective immediately, Teradata Marketing Applications will support PUMA’s European newsletter distribution as well as the development and execution of customer-centric campaigns. Following a thorough selection process that included a number of renowned vendors, PUMA decided in favor of the Teradata.

Focus on integrated online and offline channels
The projects, which focus on the integration of online and stationary trade, include traditional newsletter distribution, the development of automated customer communications, and the entire data management and customer contacts via email and Facebook ads. All the processes and optimizations will be managed using Teradata Digital Marketing Center.

Interfaces to yReceipts and Demandware
Digital Marketing Center comes with an interface to yReceipts, an innovative tool which PUMA currently uses in six stores. It enables customers who buy in the store to receive their invoice by email. This tool enables PUMA to better tailor its products and campaigns to individual customer requirements. Further, DMC provides an interface to PUMA's e-commerce platform Demandware, which makes it possible to leverage online user behavior, such as purchases, cart abandonments or product searches, for the personalization of the customer communication.

“With the help of Teradata Marketing Applications, we are finally able to interconnect all our relevant channels and to raise our customer communication to a new level,” says Ken Kralick, head of eCommerce Europe at PUMA.

More at Teradata Connect
A PUMA marketing expert will be present at Teradata Connect to answer questions on this topic. Connect takes place in London on 14-15 June. More than 1,000 CMOs, marketing managers and online marketers will attend this world-class marketing event to learn the latest trends in digital marketing.


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