Teradata and Microsoft partnership

Teradata and Microsoft Unleash Pervasive Data Intelligence at Scale 

Teradata Vantage on Azure delivers a complete platform for modern data analytics in the cloud—at scale, at speed, and on-demand. Vantage combines analytics, data lake, and data warehouse technologies into one comprehensive cloud-forward solution, making it easier to get answers quickly without moving data or writing complex code. Optimize workload performance and manage costs by using Azure to separate compute and storage workloads. By leveraging Azure Blob Storage for efficient low-cost object storage, users can spin up resources at an appropriate scale, right when you need them.

Vantage provides multi-engine analytics that offer you a choice about how to process each workload. It’s built-in Native Object Store and available QueryGrid connectors allow you to query and analyze your data from multiple sources without moving it. Maximize your existing technology investments by using a mix of commercial, open source, and enterprise tools in harmony with Vantage.

If you choose to deploy Vantage as-a-service on Azure, Teradata experts handle the performance, security, availability, and infrastructure operations of your system. Alternatively, the do-it-yourself method allows you to maintain full control of your environment within your own Azure Vnet.

Move past the complexity of analytics and get to the answers you need with Teradata Vantage on Azure.

파트너십의 이점

  • Know more and grow more with powerful analytics engines that give new insights from all data, no matter where it lives.

  • An integrated, joint BI solution that unlocks data assets and ensures that data is current, accurate and actionable.

  • Get big data management, security, and governance using Azure.

  • Fast, reliable delivery of key business data to the people best placed to leverage it, through their preferred productivity tools.

  • Service agility and flexibility lets users quickly scale Azure resources up, down, or stop and then restart later.

  • Increase data portability by leveraging hybrid deployment on Azure.

  • Option to pay only for the Azure resources you consume.

Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Integrate your data silos with Azure Data Factory. This service is built for all data integration needs at any skill level. Craft ETL and ELT processes within the visual builder or write your own code from scratch. Visually integrate your data sources with ease using native connectors without the need for self-maintenance, at no added cost.


  • Build hybrid ETL and ELT pipelines using the Data Factory visual environment with no maintenance required. 
  • Scale on demand with cost-efficient, fully managed, serverless, cloud data integration.
  • Azure security measures protect you across deployment locations, connect to on-premises, cloud-based, and software-as-a-service apps.
  • Easily rehost on-premises SQL Server Integration Services packages in the cloud using Microsoft Azure Data Factory.

Azure Machine Learning Studio 

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic) is an easy-to-use, collaborative, drag-and-drop tool. You can build, test, and deploy predictive analytics to learn more from your data. Publish your models as web services that can easily be consumed by custom apps or business intelligence tools like Excel.

Provide users with a robust, interactive, visual workspace. You can quickly and easily build, test, and iterate on predictive analysis models. Simply drag-and-drop datasets and prebuilt analysis modules into the interactive canvas. By connecting them together you form an experiment that enables you to iterate on your model design, edit the experiment, save a copy, and run it multiple times. When you’re finished with your model, convert the training experiment to a predictive experiment, and publish it as a web service to make it available to others.

There is no programming required, simply visually connect datasets and modules to build your own predictive analysis model.

Azure Databricks 

Leverage all your data to unlock new insights with artificial intelligence solutions using Azure Databricks. Spin up your Apache Spark™ environments in minutes, scale resources automatically, and collaborate with your team through the interactive workspace. Azure Databricks supports SQL, Python, R, and Java, and data science libraries and frameworks such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, and scikit-learn.

Apache Spark™ is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

Shared workspaces with common languages

Share projects to collaborate using the interactive workspace. Build with your preferred language, supports Python, Scala, R, and SQL. Provide easy version control of your notebooks with GitHub and Azure DevOps.

Accelerate machine learning on big data

Quickly identify the most appropriate algorithms and hyperparameters with integrated Azure Machine Learning to leverage automated machine learning capabilities. Easily manage, monitor, and update learning models deployed in any environment. This solution provides a central registry for all experiments, machine learning pipelines, and models you have deployed.

Modern data warehousing built for speed

Gain unmatched levels of performance and scalability by modernizing your data warehouse in the Azure cloud. Easily combine data at scale to derive new insights with analytical dashboards and operational reports. 

Microsoft Power BI 

Unify your data from multiple sources to create interactive dashboards and reports that unlock actionable insights to drive business results.

Self-service analytics at any scale

Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from the individual to the organization.

Smart tools, smarter results

Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, Excel integration, as well as prebuilt and custom data connectors.

Protect your analytics data

Sensitivity classification enables data loss prevention features to keep your data secure and compliant.

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