Evolving Customer Conversations In The Age Of Privacy

수요일, 26 5월 2021 | Online

Join us for the Financial Services of the Future Webinar series. New privacy regulations and customer rights regarding the use of data are changing how companies interact with customers. Optimizing the customer experience is imperative. Customers expect organizations to know them and provide relevant, personalized experiences. McKinsey reports that 79% of consumers stated they will not even engage if the experience is not personalized based on their past interactions.

So how can companies recognize their customers? The truth is many technology solutions used for capturing digital data have significant gaps in capabilities that ultimately inhibit an organization from reaching its true potential for digital transformation.

In this webinar, Teradata and Celebrus will show how to:​

  • Leverage first-party digital data to identify customers, anonymous interactions, and significant events, and personalize messaging in real-time.​
  • Use first-party tracking to analyze and serve every customer individually​.
  • Bridge the gap between regulation and policy, and drive real-time interactions with customers.​
  • Eliminate gaps that exist in current technologies.
  • Overcome the challenge of privacy regulation and policy changes that diminish companies’ ability to identify and change with customers.


Bill Bruno, Deputy CEO, D4t4 SOLUTIONS
Jeff Horn, Consulting Director, TERADATA


Candace Lance, Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Teradata