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Making the return on your web site investments skyrocket by revealing the hidden data about your visitors.

Watch Video: Gilt Groupe on Digital Marketing Optimization


Big Data Insights for Digital Media

As the original big data company, Teradata is leading the way for major digital media companies who want comprehensive big data insights. Learn how Netflix is using Teradata and Hadoop to drive subscribers and engagement. Read More

Unify Your Data Architecture – Bringing Hadoop and Teradata Together

Need to make the most of your data? Learn where, when and how to bring Hadoop and Teradata together to unify your data architecture. Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture allows you to gain the greatest value from your data, no matter what the platform. Read More

And, hear how eCommerce powerhouse, Groupon, created a powerful Hadoop and Teradata environment to maximize revenue, and optimize customer experience. Listen Here

Event Analytics Answer Elusive Questions

Beyond standard BI platforms, event analytics ask the elusive (and critical) “how” and “why” questions regarding customer behaviors while interacting with brands. Learn More

Cross-Channel Customer Insights and Search Marketing Terms Efficiency

Get a 360-degree view of individual customer characteristics, with discovery from multiple new sources: social media, sensors in products, web site,customer purchase and phone interaction data. Also, unlock powerful new insights by understanding what key terms are being used for Search (on-site and off-site), and in what combinations.


Marketing Campaign Attribution/Media Mix Scoring

Make the most of your advertising and marketing budget with the analytics-driven Marketing Attribution. Get new insights into PR & Ad Messaging attribution, placement, prominence, reach, and more to provide guidance on spend across channels so you can maximize conversion.

Social Media Influence and ROI

Social Media gives your customers more opportunity than ever to interact with and take control of your brand. Use analytics to help control the message and get engaged in the conversation. From improved monitoring to understanding key influencers, you’ll gain ROI from Social Media and Voice of the Customer efforts.

Right Place, Right Time: Targeted Offers for Inbound Customers

Drive new customer understanding , and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Learn how you can incorporate all inbound channel data to present truly personalized offers. 

Customer Intent Pathing Insight and Web Interface - Golden Path Improvement

Maximize traffic to your site, and optimize on-site path to conversion. Learn how Discovery analytics enable new understanding on paths and patterns, including cross-sell and upsell. Read More


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